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A Financial Goal, The Guide To Financial Sucess!

Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.

— Fitzhugh Dodson

Fitzhugh Dodson was right; in fact, I’d take it a step further and say, one cannot live life without a goal. However, it’s not just life this applies too; it also applies to finance. To make money, you must have a financial plan and a financial goal.

The goal is there for guidance; it’s a marker that allows you to identify your progress. If you hit a milestone within your goal, you’ll notice that you’ll make progress will be followed by positive reinforcement which will make you even more determined to achieve your goal.

I can guarantee you that those who had financial success did it because they set a plan and went into a positive mindset to accomplish their dream. However, it’s more than just having a goal and a certain mindset.

Sure things happen to us in our lives that interrupt our plans; however; this does not mean you should abandon your dream just because things are not going to way you initially planned.

It just means you may need to modify your plan accordingly, but must never abandon the goal no matter what.

Financal Goal Achievement May Not Be Easy

Chances are you’ll need to update your plans frequently. I had to update my plans often. Saving $65k in four years was not comfortable with just a $50k yearly income.

I had to reduce many personal debts, forgo trips with friends, and minimize my expenditures. However, the entire time, my goal was to save and invest my savings into assets that can make me even more money.

As I stated previously, it wasn’t easy, there were sacrifices made and to tell you the truth my investments haven’t had huge payouts yet, however; I’ve received positive gains so far.

One of the sacrifices I made opting out of having a relationship as I didn’t want any significant interruptions within my financial goals. I wasn’t ready for a child due to the financial cost; therefore; I didn’t see the need for getting involved with a woman, not now at least.

After I’ve obtained my primary goal, I’ll undoubtedly establish another one such as, in finding the right woman to start a family.

If You Achieved Your Financial Goal Set a New One

Once you’ve achieved your goal, don’t stop, set a new one or raise the current target to even greater heights.

Perhaps you may have set your goals too low and realized you could also achieve greater success. If so, raise your expectations to even higher standards and allow yourself to achieve higher success.

Whatever you do whether you accomplished your financial goal or decide to raise the bar higher always set a new purpose in your life and it doesn’t have to be a financial one.

Sometimes to achieve commercial success, we may have to focus on another goal that will allow us to gain confidence in our primary goal.

For example, perhaps you’re not ready to tackle your financial goals due to whatever reason (physically or mentally).

Set your intention to something more attainable so that once you achieve it, you become confident in your abilities to accomplish your primary goal.

There’s nothing wrong with tackling a smaller target to obtain a bigger one; confidence is vital.

It May Be a Slow Process

Completing a goal does not happen overnight; sometimes it may feel like a slow dwelling process. It may be better to install small milestones into your goals as a reminder of the progress you’re making.

Of course, you’re bound to make mistakes along the way, and those mistakes will delay the process even further.

Most people call it quits when faced with a colossal mistake. However, never get discouraged because of an error, take the lessons you’ve learned and move on.

Like failures, mistakes are valuable to learn and prepare from; often they will further your resolve and prepare you for future challenges.

The Final Take

People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.

— Earl Nightingale

Having a financial goal is essential; having a goal is even more critical. People who are successful in life have goals; without a goal, you have no guidance or sense of direction.

Your journey will probably not be easy, but if you plan it well, it shouldn’t be hard either. Be prepared to make some sacrifices; dreams often do not come without a cost.

Lastly, don’t be discouraged just because your plans are not going the way you expect. Sometimes life throws a curveball and it may cause you to delay your plans but take it from me, never give up on dream, the rewards come with effort and time.


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