What Is Red Apple Wealth?

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The purpose of this blog is to provide wealth strategies, general information on economics, and market news for the average individual. This blog is not to provide investment strategies, though there will be times I will state why I think a particular industry or type of investment is sound.

However; I am not an investment broker, and I am not saying you should buy the investments I suggest, these are only my opinions. Furthermore, once you get a good understanding of the three topics I cover in this blog, you should know enough to research good investment and wealth strategies that will be beneficial for you.

The best investment for an individual is knowledge. It is true that knowledge is power; however, there is real knowledge and traditional knowledge. Traditional knowledge is the information that is told by schools and the media, information that is either misleading, lies, and not very useful for the average person.

The Best Wealth Strategy Is Yourself

Real knowledge is unveiling the truth about economics and developing real wealth. To build wealth, you should learn about economics, such as; why an economy grows and crashes.

Learn about forecasting trends, because if you’re able to understand trends, you can put yourself into a wealth strategy well before others. If you’re one of the first to discover a wealth strategy, you may stand to gain substantial financial success.

The second thing I would recommend is to learn something about stocks, learn what each of the indexes means and the functions of the stock, bonds, FOREX (FX), and commodities market. You don’t have to be an expert but understand how they work and what is considered a valued company.

Once again this site will help teach you a lot about this stuff; in fact, the purpose of this site is to inform you of various wealth strategies that will prepare you for the future.

Everything you read is for the average person, not the rich Warren Buffet types; there’s no way individuals like us can invest like Mr. Buffet.

We do not have the inside information or the capital to spend like Buffet nor does the rest of 99.999% of the population. However, no matter who you are, you can invest in your future, and the first step is to start investing in yourself.